How Wide Should a Driveway Be

Asphalt is a popular material for residential driveways and parking lots. It is a durable and relatively inexpensive choice for homeowners and businesses. So when it comes to paving your property, how wide should a driveway be?

Asphalt Driveway Width

Consider your driveway installation design and the kinds of cars you intend to park on it before deciding to install a conventional driveway width. Generally, one-way driveway width is enough for those who own only cars. For those who own two vehicles, tractor-trailers, pickup trucks, recreational vehicles, or other large vehicles, a two-way driveway installation is frequently the minimum width. Therefore, you must analyze your vehicle usage and parking requirements.

Residential Driveway: Standard Driveway Width

A 10 to 12-foot wide driveway is what most experts advise you to install first. An SUV or normal pickup vehicle can fit in a 10-foot-wide driveway. Even in smaller cars, anything less than 10′ wide will likely pose challenges for drivers. If you have no choice, utilize an 8 to the 9-foot wide driveway. For larger vehicles such as work trucks, RVs, and trailers, the pros recommend a driveway with 12 feet width at a minimum.

Dimensions of the Conventional Driveways and Parking Lots

Always bear in mind the driveway’s intended practical use as well as the durability of the installation investment. Increased driveway width, even by a few inches, can prevent you or your visitors from driving over the edges, which damages and cracks the asphalt. Installing the proper width will save you money by avoiding repairs. You’re protecting your surrounding landscape as well as the driveway and vehicles.

Driveway Parking Space

How many cars are you considering parking? Once more, the width of your parking space is heavily influenced by its functionality. Generally, professional asphalt paving contractors recommend 10′ of width by 22′ length per vehicle. Therefore, 20 to 24 feet in width is sufficient if you prefer a side-by-side parking area.

Protecting the asphalt driveway and parking lot’s margins would be best. As a result, the more space you create for driving and vehicle tires, the less damage your asphalt surface will suffer. However, it would be best for larger cars if they had larger dimensions.

The Benefits Of Driveway Installation

When investing in your property, consider either short- or long-term advantages. Installing a driveway is a wise investment because it gives you, the homeowner, both types. For instance, if you’re seeking a beautiful-looking property in the short term, the driveway pavement serves its purpose because it serves as both the entrance and the first impression for all visitors and potential buyers. In the long term, if you’ve selected a reputable service for your driveway installation, your property value will be higher, and you will save on expensive maintenance and repair costs.

Dimensions of the Conventional Driveways and Parking Lots

Before choosing your driveway installation dimensions, consider your usage and preferences. To help you with your planning, the following is a list of typical driveway dimensions:

Type Size (in feet)

Single Car Driveway Width 10-12′ wide

Dual Car Driveway Width 20-24′ wide

Parking Lot Dimensions Per Car 10’W x 22’L

Individual Car Turn-around Dimensions 10’W x 20’L

Double Car Turn-around Dimensions 20’W x 20’L

Loop Driveway Construction Guidelines

At larger properties, it is common to see circular-shaped driveways. These driveways have an attractive appearance. Therefore the design, excavation, and installation processes need additional precautions. Professionals typically suggest loop driveways be at least 12′ wide. It allows for proper turning and prevents driving over driveway edges and landscape, resulting in lower future maintenance and repair expenses.

An Untidy Driveway is an Eyesore

Does your private road resemble a rocky path more than a road? Nobody wants to drive on an uneven surface, including our visitors and clients. Investing in driveway paving will make visitors’ entrances to your property effortless. If you want to boost the value of your property, whether you own a home or a company, you should consider investing in private driveway paving.

Working With The Experts

BaraCo Paving is a family-owned asphalt paving company servicing Orlando, Florida. We have a decade of experience in the business and offer our clients various services, including new construction, resurfacing, sealcoating, and more. No job is too big or too small for our team, and we take pride in providing quality workmanship at competitive prices.

We know the importance of having a parking lot or driveway that follows a standard size and width. It benefits homeowners and businesses, and we are devoted to helping our clients achieve that goal. 

Hiring a professional paving contractor is important if you consider installing an asphalt driveway. BaraCo Paving, located in Orlando, Florida, has the experience and expertise necessary to install asphalt paving, ensuring that the new asphalt driveway has the right width and typical dimensions to be used as needed and to last for many years. We also provide you with advice on how to maintain your driveway properly.

Have you determined if the width of your driveway is enough or needs upgrading? We offer a free estimate, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your needs in Orlando, Florida.