Parking Lot Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Keeping an eye on parking lot upkeep is not easy to ignore while running a business or taking care of a property. Your parking lot's quality and condition can make a big difference in how customers feel about your business and whether they choose to patronize it.

A well-maintained parking area can be a great alternative to street parking for businesses and homes in urban areas. It will ensure that parking lots can last a long time. Responsible facilities managers can create annual strategic plans to maintain asphalt parking lots in their best condition.

The Importance of Parking Lot Maintenance

There are many ways to extend the life of your parking lot. Asphalt and concrete are common parking lot paving materials. They can both be weathered and become damaged over time. It can become unsafe and unappealing visually due to this damage. Thus, parking lot maintenance is essential.

To protect the value of the building, it is essential to maintain a well-maintained parking lot. Other advantages of a well-maintained parking lot include the following:

Enhances Curb Appeal
Parking lot maintenance is an essential aspect of curb appeal for businesses. Your customers will use your parking lot to park their cars while they shop at your store or eat at your restaurant. Potential customers can have a profound effect on how they perceive your business. It could even influence their decision to choose you over another company.

Parking lot lines can fade and cause cracks and potholes. Customers may perceive your business as unprofessional and sloppy if it is not appropriately maintained. If your parking lot is well maintained, it shows that you care about your business and take proper care of it. Your business may be perceived as more reliable and well-managed by customers.

Enhances Safety
Your parking lot can be made safer for pedestrians and drivers by maintaining it. Customers who park in a damaged or shattered parking lot are at greater risk of falling on the ground and injuring their safety. Customers who are hurt or have their vehicles damaged on your property may not return to your premises in the future.
Crosswalks and clear parking lot lines make it easier for customers to navigate your lot and lower the chance of them getting into an accident. Your customers will be able to spend more time at your business and less time stuck in traffic jams if they can navigate your parking lot quickly.

Improves the Usability of Your Parking Lot
Your parking lot should be flexible enough to handle the growth of your business or employees. Your lot will soon become disorganized and crowded if it isn't maintained. Parking lot maintenance will ensure that parking spaces are well-defined to accommodate the maximum number of vehicles. It can also make it easier to navigate your parking lot. You may be able to add hundreds of parking spaces or improve traffic flow in your parking lot, making it more enjoyable for customers and employees.

Increases Longevity
Parking lot maintenance is often overlooked and viewed as an unnecessary expense. However, it can help your business avoid costly parking lot replacements or major repairs in the future. Regularly repairing potholes and cracks will prevent larger cracks from forming, and it will protect the foundation of your lot. It not only keeps maintenance and repair costs down but also prolongs the life of your parking lot.
A well-maintained parking area can last many decades before it has to be replaced. By regularly fixing cracks and grooves, you can protect your parking lot against weathering and heavy vehicle traffic. By maintaining it, you can lower your parking lot's costs and extend its lifespan.

Reduces Liability
A safer parking area is essential for customers and their cars. It also lowers the risk of your business being sued or facing liability. Your business could be held legally responsible if cracks or potholes cause customers to fall and injure themselves. You can avoid injuries to your property by repairing potholes and cracks regularly. It will also protect your business from potential liability. You can reduce the risk of being sued by clearing away debris and other potential hazards.

Conforms to Regulations
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards regulate several aspects of parking lots that can impact accessibility. Your parking lot will be more accessible for everyone by being restriped, clearly marking access routes, and adjusting curbs and ramps to meet ADA standards. Business owners and property managers can also benefit from parking lot maintenance to ensure that their property follows the law.

Different Ways of Parking Lot Maintenance

There are many things you can do to keep your parking lot clean. To maintain your parking lot, BaraCo Paving is delighted to assist you in any of the following ways:
Cleaning and Sweeping
Regular cleaning will remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated. Too much grime can cause standing water to form on the surface, weakening it and causing further damage. You can also uncover potential problems by sweeping.
Sealing asphalt every two years with sealant preserves the pavement's resilience and prevents it from weathering. It is recommended to sealcoat the whole lot with a high-quality product every few years. It all depends on the weather and traffic. However, a fresh coat can make a big difference and prolong the life of the asphalt.
Two things are essential for striping to be durable and practical: the suitable materials and the correct application. To ensure that the marks on the lot are visible and apparent, they should be painted now and again. They are used to guide traffic, identify parking spaces, and outline parking areas.
Crack Filling
Potholes or cracks can allow water and debris to seep into the surface layer. If they aren't filled in, further damage will result. It is much easier to fill and seal small cracks than to make large ones disappear. Asphalt will continue to deteriorate if water seeps into small cracks. These cracks can be sealed with a durable sealant.
Asphalt Overlay
Removing the old asphalt layer and replacing it with a fresh layer of asphalt extends the life of the pavement while giving it a "like new" look.
Repaving and reconstruction are usually the best options once a parking lot is in disrepair. It should only be necessary once every few decades.

Maintenance of parking lots is critical, and finding a business to assist is even more critical. BaraCo Paving is ready to help you. Contact us now if you'd like to learn more about parking lot upkeep.